Thanks to its unique patented technology, UroMems’s ambition is to offer a simple and efficient solution to patients who suffer from severe urinary incontinence. The device aims at reducing the rate of urinary leaks, and in-fine the rate of reinterventions due to the atrophy or erosion of the tissues, which are recurring complications with the solutions currently in use.

In order to make the urethral pressure vary accurately, UroMems’s MyoElectroMechanical System is based on a reliable technology that has been approved in other medical environments. It also contains different mechanisms ensuring the patient’s safety. Patient‘s activity is measured in real-time through latest generation micro-sensors inside the implant. Advanced algorithms are embedded in the electronics of the device and interpret data coming from the micro-sensors to transmit to the MyoElectroMechanical System the urethral pressure to apply. Being completely autonomous, this technology is transparent for the patient.

Control of the implant for micturition is done easily and ergonomically from a very intuitive patient interface and without any direct action from the patient on the implanted device.

Besides, UroMems has developed innovative functions for a quick and simple surgical procedure, and secure and intuitive use of the device in all circumstances, both for the patient and for the healthcare professionals.